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Is a Chromebook the right choice?

Allen Falcon Chromebooks

Most students entering 10th grade have been successfully using Chromebooks for at least a year as part of the Westborough Public Schools technology program. There are several reasons for students to consider continuing with Chromebooks.


  • Your student  is familiar with the Chromebook and the Google Apps / G Suite / Google Classroom ecosystem.
  • Your student is likely to have built an environment with browser extensions and additional apps that they find useful when studying, working on projects, or collaborating with peers.


  • Chromebooks offer the least expensive options of all of the approved devices.
  • Chromebooks come with built-in virus and malware protection, so you do not need to purchase additional protection.


  • Chromebooks are generally lighter than comparably sized notebooks, putting less weight into the backpack.
  • Most Chromebooks have longer battery run-times than comparably sized notebooks.


  • The device your student brings to school may not be their first computing devices. Many students and families have desktops and laptops at home, but cannot (or prefer not to) dedicate these computers as a 1:1 device.
  • With it's low cost and maintenance, the Chromebook is a solid choice as a second device that the student can bring to, or leave at, school.


  • The Chromebooks we offer and recommend are all models specifically designed for the demands of K-12 use and BYOD programs.


Keeping these factors in mind, choosing a Chromebook as your student's 1:1 device may be the best option for you.

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