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Do I Need Data Protection?

Allen Falcon Endpoint Protection Malware Ransomware Viruses Windows

In today's connected world, you are 20 times more likely to get malware or virus on your computer by visiting a website you trust than you are by clicking an attachment in email.

Fortunately, for those buying Chromebooks, the Chrome Operating System (Chrome OS) includes advanced malware protection.  Google provides updates immediately as they become available and they install automatically when the Chromebook powers on, and when the user clicks the "Reboot to Update" button.  Reboots take less than 30 seconds, so they do not disrupt the student's work.

For those going with Windows 10 devices, the built-in malware protection is not sufficient.

The risk of identity theft and ransomware (malware that encrypts your files and demands payment for the decryption key) is too great to leave to default system settings and features. Today's malware can render a system useless, and your files unusable, within minutes.

For those buying Macbooks, the malware risk is there and is growing.  Once outside the targets of hackers, systems running Mac OS are now prime targets as many owners are complacent and lack protection.

For about $3 per month, you can add advanced virus and threat protection that secures your machine, stops infections before they can do damage, and can restore a system to the last known safe state. Whether you go with our solution or another, malware protection for Windows 10 devices is essential.


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